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Textures-Canvas Cloth & Lace


There are FIVE DIFFERENT SETS to choose from. Be sure to look at EACH PICTURE!!

These Canvas, Cloth & Lace Texture sets features exquisitely designed patterns that evoke the age-old feel of fine fabrics and artist's canvas. These are meant to be integrated into photos as textures and some are beautiful enough to stand on their own as papers too. The uses for these wonderful sets are just endless.

Each set includes 10 unique high-res jpeg texture files at 300 dpi and come with detailed instructions on how to integrate textures into photos. This set does not include any Actions.

♦ These sets are available for all Photoshop programs, including Photoshop Elements.

We have a LOT more of these Texture Packs, and we'll be changing them out every now and check back often!