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Cheesecloth Wrap - choose from color options

Image of Cheesecloth Wrap - choose from color options

$4.00 - On Sale

This soft cheesecloth wrap look beautiful on tiny babies. Simplicity at it's finest...there's nothing over powering about this wrap. Add a matching headband to add a little extra 'sweetness!'

Gauze is beige in color, and is approximately 4 ft long and 12 in's wide. The perfect amount to wrap such a tiny piece of love!

Fabric is HAND DYED. Color variations are common and unavoidable. Monitor colors also vary. This is a #10 Grade Cheesecloth...because that's the look we that you can see the baby through it easily. If you are looking for a thicker cheesecloth (such as to support the weight of a baby in), then this particular item (grade), may not be right for you. This is definitely made for a light, airy, see-through look...