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ON-LINE GROUP Post Production training for Maternity & Newborn Photography

$125.00 - On Sale

Classes are tailored to post production of Maternity and Newborn Photography and are done in an 'ON-LINE', screen-sharing environment.

The number of available slots are limited so that you are able to ask questions and get the most of your 'teaching' time. You'll be able to talk with LaurieL and get immediate responses as we move through the class. I'm an open book for your questions! These classes last approx 4 hours, but can take a bit longer if needed. Other classes will be offered at different times to accommodate other time zones, and will be posted on an ongoing basis. We will cover the following:

Correcting White Balance
Correcting under exposed images
Correcting skin tones
Getting creamy skin tones - & avoiding the plastic baby syndrome
Getting perfect eyes
Adding DOF (depth of field)
Blanket fade
Background to floor fade
Changing backgrounds
Adding Textures
Making your props match each other perfectly
Maternity makeovers (clients choose me specifically for my makeovers!)
Fixing a post partum belly
Adding WOW to your images
Perfecting your images to a 'for sure' sale
and more!

Laurie uses Photoshop CS5 and CC (Creative Cloud), but you can also work in older versions of photoshop, buttons may just look different or be in different places in the program.

If you are interested in our 1:1 Classes, the price is $300. These classes are much more tailored to YOUR specific needs, and we can work on images that you have taken. You may sign up for these classes here: