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We have tons of faux pearls, in various lengths, shapes, and colors.

The bulk of them being the basic white. But, we also have cream, light rose color, and quite a bit of the clear (like on a chandelier - which are beautiful!).

If the sizes listed don't work 4 U, simply shoot us an email through our Contact, and we'll C if we can get U what U you're looking 4!

We also have a variety of sizes of the actual pearl, from small to large. Simply shoot us a message if U want a variety of sizes!

Please NOTE! None of the images we R showing R ours. We got them off the internet as we just wanted 2 show various uses of pearls.

SHIPPING MAY VARY DEPENDING ON HOW MANY STRANDS U PURCHASE! We will send U a PayPal invoice for the difference if needed.