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Image of SHIPPING NOTICE - Please Read!


Shipping / Postal rates have gone up a LOT recently. International rates are through the roof! We have NO control over shipping/postal rates.

We do ship internationally, even if you don't see the option on the item you are looking at. Feel free to email us first and ask for a more specific cost - especially with International shipping charges.

Please bear in mind that we can only estimate what our costs are to ship our items, and this is what we list when you are ordering your product. On occasion, the shipping estimate is off a bit and sometimes results in us sending you a partial refund, and sometimes, it is higher so we send you an invoice. If it is a substantially higher shipping cost, we would notify you first to give you the option of accepting it or the option of cancelling the order.

We charge what the shipper (usually USPS) charges us. We want to make it clear that we are not a shipping company. They charge what their shipping rates are and we abide by those costs.

Thank you for your understanding.