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Textures-Bokeh & Circles


There are FOUR DIFFERENT SETS to choose from. Be sure to look at EACH PICTURE!!

These wonderful Textures are used in Photoshop to produce beautiful effects to your images!! Simply add a Texture as a new layer on top of your image and scale it to fit over the image from edge to edge. Then, change the Layer Mode from Normal to Overlay, or Soft Light (just 2 examples of the many available!), and you have a really cool effect on your image. Learn to use these Textures correctly by changing the opacity of the Layer, and/or erasing over certain areas (such as face and body). Layer a few Textures for an awesome effect...and and you'll have a wonderful time creating beautiful art!

These sest includes 10 unique high-res jpeg texture files and come with detailed instructions on how to integrate textures into photos.

This set does not include any Actions.

♦ This set is available for all Photoshop programs, including Photoshop Elements.

We have a LOT more of these Texture Packs, and we'll be changing them out every now and check back often!