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Textures & Overlays -Haunt My Dreams


There are FOUR DIFFERENT SETS to choose from. Be sure to look at EACH PICTURE!!

We use these sets of Textures a LOT on our Fashion Photography post processing!

Haunt My Dreams Texture sets feature dreamy, earthly toned textures that integrate seamlessly with most photos. Perfect anytime you want to spice up a photo, the textures in these sets will add that little extra depth without adding too much grunge or heavy texture.

Thes sets includes 10 unique high-res jpeg texture files and come with detailed instructions on how to integrate textures into photos. These sets do not include any Actions.

These sets are available for all Photoshop programs, including Photoshop Elements.

We have a LOT more of these Texture Packs, and we'll be changing them out every now and check back often!