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Newborn Sling - available in assorted colors (sling only)

$8.00 - On Sale

These soft cotton gauze newborn photography prop slings are perfect for getting those beautiful hanging baby images! We've added a soft, thick, bendable (and removable!) padded bar along the edge of the sling to make it comfortable for baby to lay it's head against. Open at both ends, it's perfect for showing babies head and face, as well as those tiny feet. It can also be used as a hammock!
Shown in a 'Loop Top' style and in a 'Tie Top' style.
Tie it or loop it to make a tight secure hanging sling for baby.
Ask us for more tips… if needed.

Incredibly easy to use, it can be completely disassembled and thrown in the washer and dryer! No hand washing or careful cleaning...this sling offers the utmost in simplicity!! As an added bonus...use the removable, bendable, padded bar in any scarf or material that you may want to use as a sling!!

Slings are pre-washed and dried in a dryer. Edges are UNFINISHED and frayed to look as organic as possible.

We ship most anywhere. If you don't see your country on our shipping list...just email us!!


Babies Safety is First and Foremost!! Baby should NEVER be left alone while hanging in the sling! There should always be a good size bean bag within a couple inches below the baby when hanging in the sling. In addition, there should always be a set of hands close to the baby! If you don't have enough hands to assure babies safety...or if your baby is awake...DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THE SLING!

When used correctly, your Newborn Sling is a safe prop to use. We cannot be held responsible for any harm brought to a baby because of inappropriate use of the sling, or not following the safety guidelines above. It is YOUR responsibility to assure the safety of the baby while in your care and using this prop.